1200 x 400basso 

Born in Riga in 1985, Valentina Kovalishina, in art Valentinaki, after studies in economics, becomes choreographer following her own artistic vocation, until her insatiable curiosity leads her to the painting and the development of a style, albeit consistent, always new and surprising.

The passion for painting and the arts blossoms in Valentinaki during childhood, which inaugurates her artistic training by attending a course of drawing at the age of nine. Hereinafter, Valentinaki is dedicated to the research of colour sneaking with watercolours, at first, and then passing to the study of crayons with the Latvian painter Valeria Shuvalova. Arrived in Italy in 2009, she learned the art of oil painting with the florentine artist Giusy Boncimelli, that imprints a technique that will remain inextricably in the artistic background of Valentinaki.

Her pictorial style then receives a shock in the moment in which she understands her real vocation: it’s abstract painting in which the Latvian artist finds her maximum expressive potential. Always keeping a poetic coherence and aesthetics, Valentinaki extends her artistic survey focusing on the appearance and materials on three-dimensionality.

The brush strokes are growing in intensity, explode, becoming low relief and sculpture. Through the use of disparate materials and with a blend of colours, lights, shadows and objects, the brush of the artist describes the themes that are dearest to her.
The narratives that Valentinaki creates with her paintings, by the telling of nature and the world are a real gap to reach the personal universe of the artist. The materials
varied are silhouetted, arrogant and overbearing, on canvas, comunicating us -in a series of virtual references-
the vibrations that Valentinaki feels when she is shaken by the waves of the sea and the wind of her woods, leading in another dimension, made of shadows and lights.

“In the expressiveness of Valentinaki there are no signs of harassment whatsoever, sudden spike, aggressive inserts.
There is not even a mental calculation. There is, instead, much sensitivity and expressive balance, a binder chromatic definition.”

Valentinaki thus reaches to forge a new world, a cosmos redesigned to be adapted to the expression of the vision of the artist and her universe, not devoid of chaos and unexpected.

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2006 – 2008 Choreography – Latvian Culture College – Riga, Latvia
2003 – 2006 Management – Riga Technical University – Riga, Latvia

Art courses:
2012 – Oil painting art courses in Brera – Milan, Italy
2009-2014 Oil painting private lessons with Italian artist Giusy Boncinell – Milan, Italy
2001-2002 Pastel private lessons with Latvian artist Valeria Shuvalova – Riga, Latvia
2000-2001 Drawing courses – Riga, Latvia
1998-1999 Watercolor courses – Riga, Latvia

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 – “Liquid Blue” – San Celso Church – Milan, Italy
2017 – “Into The White” – St. Ambrogio – Milan, Italy
2016 – “Untitled” – Gallery Statuto 13 – Milan, Italy
2015 – “Antichi sguardi su Valentinaki” – Gallery Ars Antiqua – Milan, Italy
2015 – “Black Sand” – EOTW Gallery – Lodi, Italy
2014 – “Black Sand” – Spazio Manuzio – Milan, Italy
2010 – “Loro, i Clown” – Corso Garibaldi – Milan, Italy

Group Exhibitions:

2018 – “White and Black” – ARCgallery – Monza, Italy
2018 – “Blue and all around” – ARCgallery – Monza, Italy
2018 – “Leonardo da Vinci from Antique to Modern” – Castle of Vigevano – Vigevano, Italy
2018 – “Dialogue between generations” – Castle Dell’Ovo – Naples, Italy
2017 – “Shade of white” – Hernandez Art Gallery – Milan, Italy
2017 – “Virtual Art meets Ocean” – Espinassse31 Art Gallery – Milan, Italy
2017 – Rodari Art Gallery – Alassio, Italy
2017 – “Contemporary Art in Villa” – Villa Mazzucchelli – Brescia, Italy
2016 – “Small is Beautiful” – Zoia Gallery – Milan, Italy
2016 – “Acqua” – Feeling Food Space – Milan, Italy
2016 – “DonnArt” – Spazio Donizzeti – Monza, Italy
2016 – “Elusive Amusement” – WE Gallery – Berlin, Germany
2015 – “Grottesco” – University of Parma – Parma, Italy
2015 – “Who Art You?” – Fabrica del Vapore – Milan, Italy
2015 – “Terra” – Bastioni di Porta Venezia – Milan, Italy
2015 – “Lumière” – Rosso Tiziano Gallery – Piacenza, Italy

Fiere, festival, performance:

2018 – “Art & Light Design: Visual Design Experience” during Fuori Salone – Fineco Center – Milan, Italy
2018 – Affordable Art Fair with ARC Gallery – Milan, Italy 
2017 – Art festival “BrerArt” – CAM Garibaldi – Milan, Italy
2017 – Art festival “DepurArt in Atto” – DepurArt Lab Gallery – Milan, Italy
2017 – Live Art Performance “Acqua” – Rho Fiera – Milan, Itay
2017 – Live Art Performance “Mad for Brazil, mad for Design” during Fuori Salone – Boscolo Hotel – Milan, Italy
2017 – Affordable Art Fair with Zoia Gallery – Milan, Italy
2016 – Art festival DepurArt in Atto – DepurArt Lab Gallery – Milan, Italy
2016 – Art festival “Oltre Festival” – Certosa Cantù – Pavia, Italy
2016 – Affordable Art Fair with a EOTW Gallery – Milan, Italy

Art prizes:
2015 – Art Prize “Who Art You?” – Fabrica del Vapore – Milan, Italy (final)
2002 – Art Prize “Sapnis” – Riga, Latvia (1st prize)